June-July 1945

Hamburg and Brunswick, June-July 1945

HAMBURG: Phosphorous bombs burnt and shrivelled people to cinders. I won’t repeat to you all I have heard here. About 200,000 people were killed and the situation just couldn’t be coped with. The area was put out of bounds, and many of them are just fertilizer now.”. The Hollywood Moguls visited Hamburg . “Unpleasant scene when Jack Warner demanded destruction of Swedish photographers films. Beastly man, stinking manners. Got in my car; pointed out Swedish photographer had spent year in concentration camp, and that experience of bombing give understanding of agony endured in Hamburg. (Gratified to be told by Kirk that even his companions called him a ‘blundering fool’).

BRUNSWICK: I had a most hair raising flight from Hamburg to Brunswick, not far, but in very bad weather, and we got lost. I really did review my past life (to very little purpose) and was very worried about the children’s future.